The Kristang Culinary Journey
Delve into a lesser-known side to Malacca's diverse cultural heritage through this interactive experience. Led by our very own Kristang Culinary Chef, gain insight into the fascinating history of the Malaccan-Portuguese or Kristang community through its unique and delectable cuisine. Find out more here.

Historical Walk
The legacy of the Malay Sultanate, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and British is evident in Malacca's own charm, picturesque buildings, multi-racial population and narrow streets. The Majestic Malacca offers a two-hour guided walk around prominent historical landmarks of this 600 year-old coastal port, weaving a beguiling journey through an enchanting heritage. A welcoming Kristang Afternoon Tea awaits your return after a day of discovery. Find out more here

History on Wheels
Cycle to the foundation of ancient Malacca and enjoy a leisure guided experience around prominent historical landmarks of this storied coastal port, weaving a beguiling journey through an enchanting heritage. The two-hour bicycle ride from The Majestic Malacca will take you to the old city of Malacca of the legendary Admiral Zheng Ho, to Bukit Cina (China Hill) at Hang Li Po’s well – the oldest recorded well in all of Malaysia, and to the city’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. Conclude the tour at the hotel with a unique and delectable Kristang Afternoon Tea. Find out more here

Trishaw Ride
A trishaw ride is an enjoyable and laid-back manner to explore Malacca especially through the narrow streets in the old sector. The trishaws themselves are individual works of art, creatively adorned with artificial flowers and baubles.

River Cruise Tour
This relaxing and interesting 45-minute cruise up the historic Malacca River from the river mouth to Kampung Morten (Morten Village), passing narrow old shophouses and river warehouses.

There are a number of fine golf courses in and around Malacca. If golfing on a serene island catches your fancy, take a boat or ferry to the 18-hole, par 72 course at Pandanusa Golf Club on Pulau Besar or head to Orna Golf and Country Club located approximately 25-minutes away from The Majestic Malacca. Alternatively, the Ayer Keroh Country Club is also a popular choice.