The Majestic Malacca                 

Spa Village Malacca

The Spa Village Malacca is the world's only spa to base its therapies on the healing heritage of the Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan culture - a unique combination of Chinese and Malay influences. The spa is spread across the first two floors of the new wing and provides a serene environment in which one can rest, recuperate and rejuvenate in the care of some of the world's best therapists.
There is a sense of timelessness in the décor and design of the Spa Village, which encapsulates the essence of its exceptional location. Intricately tiled floors juxtaposed with wooden shutters and traditional saloon doors are crafted in their shapes and colour to provide a calm and peaceful space dedicated to personal restoration.

Treatments are designed to recapture the energy that life's challenges remove - soothing skin, easing tired muscles, and allowing a physical and psychological escape from the pressures of modern living. Based on Peranakan healing philosophy and inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the spa therapies are moulded around a person's cool or warm energy. A visit to the spa is a voyage into the heart of Malacca’s rich culture.

To view complete range of spa treatments, the spa menu is available for download.

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